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MyHein is a free personal research tool that enables anyone with HeinOnline access to bookmark documents, save search queries, and more.

All About Author Alerts

How to Manage Author Alerts

With our existing author alerts feature, users are able to enter an email address and choose to be notified when one or more of the following occurs:

  • When new material for an author is added to HeinOnline
  • When new articles in HeinOnline cite that author’s articles
  • When new cases in HeinOnline cite that author’s articles
  • When that author’s articles are accessed on HeinOnline each month
  • When articles are published that are similar to that author’s works

image of author alerts on author profile page


If the email address used to create your MyHein account and the address used to sign up for author alerts match, all of the alerts will appear in a new Author Alerts tab, organized by author. Alerts that have been signed up for previously under that email address will also appear.

For example, after signing up for alerts on Bonnie Shucha’s profile (shown above), they appear right in the MyHein profile created with a matching email address.

image of author alerts within a MyHein profile

This allows users to see a comprehensive listing of their author alerts and adjust those alerts at any time, all in one place. Simply check the desired boxes under an author, and click the “Update Alerts” button.

Note: Authors with a MyHein account will see their own Author Profile Page within the Author Alerts tab by default.

Email Alerts

Each month, when new metrics or articles become available, users will receive an email alert based on their selections Here is an example email:

image of author alert email