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MyHein is a free personal research tool that enables anyone with HeinOnline access to bookmark documents, save search queries, and more.

All About Favorite Databases

How to Favorite Databases

Users can mark databases as favorites to push them to the top of their HeinOnline welcome page using their MyHein account. To use this feature, users must be logged into their MyHein account. From within the MyHein interface, select Favorite Databases.

image of Favorite database options in MyHein

Next, star your favorite databases and click the Submit Favorites button.

image of starring favorite databases in MyHein

This list will display your favorite databases in the order in which they were chosen.

Where to Find Favorite Databases

Once you are finished favoriting databases within MyHein, click the Return to Welcome Page button.

Upon returning to the HeinOnline welcome page, users will see their favorite databases at the top of the database listing with gold stars next to each one.

image of favorite databases on a HeinOnline welcome page


Alternatively, users can find their favorite databases listed within the database drop-down menu on the left-hand side of any page in HeinOnline.

image of Favorite Database in the menu drop-down within HeinOnline