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MyHein is a free personal research tool that enables anyone with HeinOnline access to bookmark documents, save search queries, and more.

All About Bookmarks

From a Results Page

From a results page in HeinOnline, users can bookmark documents. To do this, locate the bookmark icon to the right of each result.

image of search results in HeinOnline showing the bookmark icon

The icon will prompt users to select a folder that already exists in their MyHein account or select a new folder.

image of folder selection box for the MyHein Bookmarking tool

Once you have bookmarked the item, you will receive a confirmation note.

image of bookmark confirmation page

NOTE: If you are NOT logged into your MyHein account, you will receive a note indicating that your bookmark is saved for the current session, but you will need to login to your MyHein account for it to be saved after your session.

image of note to user that they are not signed into MyHein

You can then view this bookmark from within your MyHein under the Bookmarks option within the specified folder.

image of Bookmark section within MyHein tool

Here, a folder name can be changed or deleted.image of folder edit options in MyHein

When Viewing a Document

While viewing a document in HeinOnline, the bookmark icon can be found above the document in the toolbar.

image of bookmark icon when viewing a document in HeinOnline


Users will be prompted to select a previous folder or enter a new one.

image of confirmation page for MyHein Bookmarks

Multiple Documents at Once

From a results page, users can select multiple search results to bookmark under the same folder. Check the boxes next to each result you wish to bookmark and select the MyHein Bookmarks option from the drop-down menu.

image of bookmark option in drop-down menu on HeinOnline results page

Then, users will be prompted to select a folder that already exists, or enter a new folder.

image of the Bookmark tool indicating which folder to save results to

Previously Bookmarked Identifier

Users who are logged in to their MyHein can see if documents within results have already been bookmarked. Never bookmark the same document twice and save valuable research time with this feature.

When researching in HeinOnline, if a document has already been bookmarked in a user's MyHein profile, they will see the bookmark icon greyed out.

image of greyed out bookmark icon within a results page

image of greyed out bookmark icon when viewing a document


Navigating the Interface

Within the MyHein interface, the Bookmarking tool displays several options.

image of bookmark options within the MyHein tool

  1. View various organizational folders
  2. Select documents to email to a friend or colleague, or export journal articles to CSV, RefWorks, EndNote, BibTeX, or as an RIS file.
  3. View the saved document including title, author, and bibliographic information. From here users can:
    1. Download the document as a PDF.
    2. Add a note to the saved bookmark.
    3. Delete the bookmark.
    4. Move the bookmark to a different folder.
  4. View the timestamp of when the bookmark was saved and the folder it was saved into

Once a user opens up a folder, they have the option to edit the name of the folder, or delete it.

image of a folder interface within MyHein Bookmarks