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MyHein is a free personal research tool that enables anyone with HeinOnline access to bookmark documents, save search queries, and more.

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For help navigating HeinOnline, visit our Knowledge Base which contains hundreds of articles, training guides, and videos. The articles linked below are all related to MyHein.

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Check out the articles below to get started on becoming your own HeinOnline specialist.

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MyHein Receives a Face-Lift

When MyHein was initially launched in 2008, it was merely a bookmarking tool. Since then, this HeinOnline staple has become a multidimensional research tool for power researchers. But, for the first time, MyHein has received a major face-lift. No need to worry, all functionality has remained the same, but now MyHein is easier to use and easier on the eyes..

How to Set up IFLP Alerts

IFLP Alerts allow individuals to tailor custom alerts delivered via email as a personalized supplement to the monthly IFLP issue. Users may create alerts based on more than 100 topics, 300 regions, 300 country subjects, 800 journals, and 30 languages. Check out this quick tutorial to learn how to set up IFLP Alerts.