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MyHein is a free personal research tool that enables anyone with HeinOnline access to bookmark documents, save search queries, and more.

Comments & Likes


Imagine a platform where appreciation for scholarly articles is just a click away. Where researchers can ask questions, provide feedback, and engage in scholarly discourse all in one place. Powered by MyHein, researchers can like and comment on articles within HeinOnline, enhancing the overall research experience and fostering a sense of community within the academic realm. 

Liking Articles

When searching across any journal or article in HeinOnline, you will see a like icon on the search results page next to the print/download options by the ScholarCheck metrics. If you are not signed into your MyHein profile, clicking on the Like icon will prompt you to sign in.

image of a pop-up box promoting a user to sign into MyHein in order to like a document within HeinOnline



To view who has liked a specific article simply select the number next to the icon.

image of the Like icon button within HeinOnline

image of a pop-up box displaying HeinOnline user who have liked a document

The same icon can be found when viewing a document, near the Cite button and ScholarCheck metrics. Once you have liked an article, the icon will be greyed out.

image of the page viewer in HeinOnline displaying a greyed out thumbs up icon

Commenting on Articles

When viewing an article, the comment icon can be found directly next to the like icon. If you are not signed in to your MyHein profile, clicking on the word Comment will prompt you to sign in. 

image of the Comment button with two quotes in the page viewer for HeinOnline


This also provides the ability to see any comments that other HeinOnline users have left on an article.

image of comments left on an article in HeinOnline

Once you are signed in, add your thoughts and select Add Comment to submit your commentary.

image of a pop-up box that allows users to leave a comment on an article in HeinOnline

Once your comment has been submitted, you can edit your comment or delete it.

an image of an edit and delete icon allowing users in HeinOnline to edit or delete their comment

Author Additions

If you're an author in HeinOnline and the email address affiliated with your MyHein profile matches the email address associated with your author profile page, you will automatically receive a verified badge that will show whenever you like an article or leave a comment on an article. (Don’t worry, we don’t charge for this feature).

image a verified badge next to an author's name in HeinOnline within a comment

Additionally, with a verified badge, you will be notified each week via email if any comments have been added to articles you authored in HeinOnline.

image of an email from HeinOnline telling an author they have new comments on one of their articles

To turn off these alerts, simply uncheck the option within your MyHein account settings.

image of MyHein account setting where someone can turn off their author activity alerts for commenting and liking

What’s more, your name will be linked to your author profile page, allowing anyone who is reading your comment to easily jump to your profile from both likes and comments.

If you have enhanced your author profile picture to include a photo, this will now be displayed by your comments. You can also edit your photo directly from the MyHein portal with the ability to crop the picture to be used within MyHein comments.

image of the author portal in HeinOnline where an author can update their picture and crop it for commenting with in the database

Managing Likes & Comments

To manage your likes and comments, visit that section of your MyHein profile, found on the left-hand side of the menu. 

image of a MyHein account displaying where a user can manage their comments and likes in HeinOnline

To delete a comment or unlike an article, click the Delete or Unlike buttons found under each entry. Each option will prompt you to confirm your change.

image of delete and unlike buttons in the MyHein portal under Comments & Likes tab