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All About the IFLP Alert Portal

How to Edit an IFLP Alert Profile

Users who have created an IFLP Alert profile at any point in time have the ability to manage their IFLP Alert notifications through MyHein. To access this feature, users must be signed in to their MyHein account created under the same email address as their IFLP Alert Profile. Access the edit portal from within your MyHein account or from anywhere in HeinOnline.

image of IFLP Alert Portal in MyHein

Users will see their previous selections checked by default. To edit the selections, simply check or uncheck the desired topics, regions, country subjects, journals, or languages and select Update.

image of Update button within IFLP portal in MyHein

Users will be notified that they have successfully updated their IFLP Alert notifications.

image of notification that changes have been made within the IFLP Portal


IFLP Alert Admins

Users affiliated with an institution that subscribes to Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals may request to become administrators so that they can manage their faculty or staff’s IFLP Alert notifications.


Request to be an IFLP Admin


Once authorized, administrators must sign into their MyHein account created under that same email address to access the profile portal. Administrators can then find the portal within their MyHein account or from anywhere in HeinOnline. 

Authorized administrators will see all faculty or staff members who have an IFLP Alert profile listed, with the option to edit their individual notifications.

image of IFLP Alert Portal in MyHein for an admin

To begin editing, select Edit Notifications next to one of the individual’s names.

Administrators will be directed to the same form as when creating an IFLP Alert. The individuals’ previously selected topics, regions, county subjects, journals, and languages will display by default. To edit the individual’s selections, simply check or uncheck the desired options and select Update.

image of update button within IFLP Alert Portal for MyHein

Users will then be notified that they have successfully updated the individual’s IFLP Alert notifications.

image of confirmation notification within the IFLP Alert Portal