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MyHein is a free personal research tool that enables anyone with HeinOnline access to bookmark documents, save search queries, and more.

All About Search Queries

Saving Search Queries

With a MyHein account, users are able to save search queries. From the results page in any page in HeinOnline, select MyHein Search Queries from the drop-down menu provided above the results and select Save/Email.

image of drop-down box where users can save search queries

Users are prompted to save the search query under an already used folder or choose a new folder.

image of folder selection box for search queries

Next, users will receive a confirmation note that the query has been saved, with an option to view the query in their MyHein account.

image of confirmation box for saved search queries

Users will then find their saved search query in their MyHein account. To return to the results of the saved search query, simply click on the hyperlink provided.

image of saved search queries within the MyHein tool

Here, a folder name can be changed or deleted.

image of folder edit options in MyHein

Email Alerts

Saved search queries will also set up email alerts and notify the user whenever documents that match the search terms have been added to HeinOnline.

For example, if a user has a catalog search for lexicon OR dictionary OR Dictionaries OR dictionarie OR words OR terms OR termes saved within their MyHein, and HeinOnline subsequently adds material that matches this query, the user will be notified via email.

image of a saved search query within a MyHein profile

Here is an example of an email notification from HeinOnline.

image of an email alert from a MyHein saved search query

Navigating the Interface

Within the MyHein interface, the Search Queries feature displays several options.

image of options within the Saved Search Query tool

  1. View different organizational folders.
  2. Select search queries to email to a friend or colleague.
  3. View the saved search query. From here users can:
    1. Open the link to view the query results.
    2. Add a note to the saved query.
    3. Delete the query.
    4. Move the query to a different folder.
  4. View the timestamp of when the query was saved and the folder it was saved into.

Once a user opens up a folder, they have the option to edit the name of the folder, or delete it.

image of folder edit options within Saved Search Queries