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U.S. Congressional Serial Set

The United States Congressional Serial Set is considered an essential publication for unveiling American history. Spanning more than two centuries with more than 17,000 bound volumes, the Serial Set includes House and Senate reports, documents, and more.

The Serial Set on the HeinOnline Blog


HeinOnline is pleased to introduce Secrets of the Serial Set, a series of monthly blog posts dedicated to unveiling the wealth of American history to be found in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set. Join us as we explore notable events in U.S. history using the primary sources themselves. Miss a post? Browse the secrets we've revealed so far below.

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Secrets of the Serial Set

Early America (1700-1899)

World War, Prosperity, and Depression (1900-1945)

The Cold War Era (1945-1990)

The Modern Era (1990-Present)