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Subject Compilations of State Laws

An award-winning resource that identifies and describes fifty-state law surveys on thousands of subjects in hundreds of sources.


About Subject Compilations of State Laws Series

  • Identifies and describes fifty-state law surveys on thousands of subjects in hundreds of sources
  • More than 28,000 bibliographic entries
  • More than 14,000 records link to articles available in HeinOnline
  • Updated bi-annually in June and December
  • Winner of the 1982 AALL Joseph L. Andrews Bibliographical Award
  • Winner of the 2009 AALL Best New Product Award

The Subject Compilations of State Laws database has revolutionized historical state subject searching as the most comprehensive source for identifying thousands of articles, books, government documents, looseleaf services, court opinions, and Internet sites that compare state laws across 3,500+ subjects. It offers users quick access to over 28,000 bibliographic records, many with extensive annotations. Notably, the annotations conveniently link to more than 14,000 articles and documents in HeinOnline, while others connect to case law or external websites. Additionally, users can access current and past volumes in the series and other related works linking to 800+ full-text documents within HeinOnline.

Furthermore, the database grants access to the State Law Index: An Index and Digest to the Legislation of the States of the United States Enacted During the Biennium, volumes 1-12 (1925-1948), published biennially by the Legislative Reference Service of the Library of Congress. This index aids in identifying session laws by subject enacted by states during the specified years, offering valuable research opportunities.


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About the Editor

headshot of Meg ButlerFor four decades, Cheryl Nyberg has been the guiding force as the editor of this award-winning product, recently passing the editorial torch to Meg Butler.

Margaret (Meg) Butler is Law Librarian Professor and Associate Director for Public Services at Georgia State University College of Law Library. She teaches both introductory and specialized legal research courses. An active member in the Association of American Law Libraries, her publications include annotated bibliographies on a variety of subjects. She has also worked in legal publishing for over 20 years.