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World Treaty Library

This monumental collection brings together Rohn, Dumont, Bevans, Martens, League of Nations, United States, and United Nations treaties into one easy-to-use and fully searchable database.


Search the Index

The first option available within the World Treaty Library is to search the Treaty Index. A search screen is provided, giving the user the ability to easily search across all major treaty indexes at the same. Use the drop-down menu in each search box to select your preferred search option from twelve different metadata fields: 

  • Keyword
  • Title
  • Countries
  • Full text
  • Source
  • Treaty number
  • Party
  • Description
  • Sign place
  • Sign date
  • Subject
  • Citation

Highlight one or more individual titles to limit your search to those sources only. Use the date range to further narrow the scope of your results. If the full text of any treaty found using these indexes is available in HeinOnline, a link to that treaty will be available.


Search Tips

  1. When looking for United States treaties, use "United States" in the Countries field
  2. To search by citation, put the citation in quotes. "Example: 16 UNTS 203"
  3. Signing dates should be of the following format: YYYY-MM-DD, Example: "1815-04-05"
  4. Title is the popular name/short title. For full-title searches, use the description field.

Metadata Field Chart

Field Description
Keywords Search only the index
Full Text Search all metadata fields
Title Popular name or short title of the treaty
Source Where the treaty information was found
Treaty Number

KAV or TIAS number

Party Countries that signed the treaty
Description The long title or description of the treaty; often includes a description of what the treaty is about and when and where it was signed
Sign Place The location where treaty was signed (can be signed in more than one place)
Sign Date The date the treaty was signed (can be more than one sign date)
Subject The topic of the treaty; usually assigned by the editors of the various treaty resources
Country A country that has ratified the treaty
Citation The citation information for a treaty; indicates specifically where the treaty is published


Search Example

Let's look for treaties pertaining to immigration to which the United States is a party from 1960 to current. Enter your search the following way:


Results will display a summary of the treaty information and will link users to the full text of the treaty when the treaty is available in HeinOnline.
Users will also be able to determine the source of the treaty from the results.


Clicking Treaty Summary will produce a clear, concise view of the descriptive information about the treaty. 


About Venn Diagram Search

HeinOnline's new Venn Diagram Search offers a visual representation of how search terms interact with each other to help users both refine their current search terms and become better researchers going forward. 

Searches are constructed by stringing together multiple terms separated by the Boolean operator "AND," with phrases grouped together in quotation marks. For example, let's search for "American Indian" AND property. Our search will bring up more than 350 results in the diagram.

The results displayed on the right side of the page pertain to the search as we originally constructed it (represented by the red slice in the center of the intersecting circles). If we're interested in the results in the other circles, select Clear for the ability to hover over the different segments of the diagram. Once Clear is clicked, the results will vanish from the right side of the page. Now as users hover over the diagram they will see all possible search term combinations from our original query. Click one of these highlighted circles or intersections to explore their results. For example, click "american indian" to see results for only that phase.

Similar to other search results in HeinOnline, you can sort the results for relevance, date, or title. Icons to the right of the results allow you to download a PDF of the section, print, email a PDF link to a friend/colleague, or bookmark the item in your MyHein account.