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Getting Started

Are you new to HeinOnline? Do you have questions about the basics of HeinOnline research? Follow this guide to get started with our research platform.


Table of Contents

From within a document, users will find the table of contents on the left-hand side, which includes direct links to each page number.


When viewing a document, ScholarCheck metrics will be displayed above the table of contents in a color-coded box.

  • Blue: cited by articles
  • Red: cited by cases
  • Green: cited by Restatements of the Law* and other American Law Institute documents
  • Gold: number of times accessed in rolling 12-month period

Video Tutorial: How to Use ScholarCheck


When viewing a document, users can select the Cite button to copy or export from multiple citation formats.


Video Tutorial: How to Use Citations in HeinOnline

Image Toolbar

The image toolbar is located directly above a document and includes the ability to:

  • Navigate between pages
  • Download or print the section or a custom page range
  • Email a link to the PDF
  • See the source text of the specific page
  • Create a permalink to the specific page
  • Bookmark the page and organize it with one's MyHein Account
  • Adjust page visibility (zoom, fullscreen, etc.)

Video Tutorial: How to Email a PDF

More Like This

Select the More Like This* button from within this article to view similar articles based on the interesting words found in the original article.

Review the list of similar articles and adjust the boost factor on the interesting words as determined by the More Like This algorithm, or enter new terms to change the scope of the results.

*Note: This option may differ depending on the document type selected.


PathFinder is a suite of browse and search tools for subject-specific research, powered by a multi-level subject taxonomy that has been  organized from the ground up based on our initial list of 1,500 "topics." Now called Subjects, these granular research concepts have been categorized into increasingly broad levels. 

As we grow our multidisciplinary content, we continue to enhance methods for its discovery, including ways to more easily utilize our thousands of research concepts in browsing and searching. 

PathFinder can be located in four different places:

  • The Law Journal Library Landing Page
  • The Law Journal Library Advanced Search page
  • Search results within the Law Journal Library
  • Author Profile Pages 

Learn more in our dedicated PathFinder LibGuide.


Breadcrumb Trail

Use the breadcrumb trail to navigate back to the title, database homepage, or Welcome Page. Users can also find a LibGuide link for the database, if it exists.