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Getting Started

Are you new to HeinOnline? Do you have questions about the basics of HeinOnline research? Follow this guide to get started with our research platform.

Help Resources

General Help Resources for Using HeinOnline

For help navigating HeinOnline, visit our Knowledge Base which contains hundreds of articles, training guides, and videos.

Check out the articles below to get started on becoming your own HeinOnline specialist.

  1. How to Locate a Title in HeinOnline 
  2. How to Search by Author
  3. How to Navigate within Titles, Volumes, Sections, and Pages
  4. How to Print or Download a Document
  5. MyHein User's Guide

Training Videos

How to Get Started in HeinOnline

Are you new to HeinOnline? Do you have questions about the basics of HeinOnline research? Follow the guide in this brief video to get started with the HeinOnline research platform

How to Log in to HeinOnline

Are you a student wondering if your library subscribes to HeinOnline? Or are you a librarian who needs to log in remotely. Maybe you're a paralegal getting ready to kickstart your research. In this short tutorial, we'll cover all the different ways to access HeinOnline.

How to Search in HeinOnline

Whether you are new to HeinOnline or a regular user who needs to brush up on their skills, this short tutorial covers the basics of searching. We'll take a look at how to search from the welcome page, or from within a specific collection, while introducing some basic syntax options.

How to Browse and Search with PathFinder

PathFinder is a suite of browse and search tools for subject-specific research, powered by a multi-level subject taxonomy that has been organized from the ground up based on our initial list of 1,500 "topics." In this short tutorial, we'll explore how to browse and search with this visual aid.

How to Use Citations in HeinOnline

The HeinOnline interface provides several tools related to citations. With them, locate documents and cases with just a citation, find referenced material within a document, cite a specific document in multiple formats, and export those citations to various platforms. Watch this brief video below to learn how!

How to Locate Treaties in HeinOnline

A treaty is an agreement between two or more nations. HeinOnline offers several databases and tools for efficient treaty research. Learn about how to use them in this video.

How to Search the Catalog in HeinOnline

The easiest way to find out if a title exists in HeinOnline is to run a Catalog search. A Catalog search will search across the entire HeinOnline catalog, including MARC21 records. In this short tutorial, we'll explore how to run a catalog search and what advanced catalog search options are available.

How to Search Across Multiple Databases

Learn how to use a new feature on the HeinOnline Welcome Page to search multiple databases at once.

How to Navigate HeinOnline Titles, Volumes, Sections, and Pages

Learn how to navigate the different pieces of a HeinOnline title in this video guide.

How to Download, Print, and Share Documents

There are multiple options for printing and downloading sections or pages while working in HeinOnline. Want to share a document with a friend or colleague? HeinOnline has options for that as well. Watch this short tutorial to learn more.

How To Email a PDF

Users can email a PDF of a document in HeinOnline to a friend or colleague. With this feature, the sender can include one of the 8 available citation formats within the email. Also included in the email is a proxy link so the recipient can access the document in HeinOnline, a proxy permalink if an account has branding set up, and a download PDF link.

How to Use ScholarCheck

When browsing through scholarly journals and secondary sources in HeinOnline, it's imperative to know how authoritative a source is for your research. ScholarCheck analyzes citation data to provide the most-cited journals, articles, and authors and aides researchers in quickly locating related material. Watch the brief video below to get an overview of HeinOnline's ScholarCheck.