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Foreign & International Law Resources Database

This database includes in-depth publications of the American Society of International Law and prominent Yearbooks from around the world, including the Hague Permanent Court of International Justice series.


Use the Full Text tab to search for "environmental law" across the entire database.

From the results page, use the facets on the left to narrow down the results. For example, choose International Court of Justice from the Organizations facet and 2016 to date from the Date facet. 

This took the results from more than 5,000 to 9 results, making our research much more manageable. 

Use the Advanced Search option listed underneath the main search bar in the Foreign & International Law Resources database to search by text, title, creator/author, description, and/or date. Users can also select a specific subcollection to search within.

For this example, let's say we're looking for articles authored by George E. Glos. Using the Advanced Search, enter his name into the Creator/Author field and choose Part I: International Yearbooks and Periodicals.

The results include 6 articles written by George E. Glos.

Venn Diagram Search

Users can visualize the results yield of various keywords to better refine their searches.

To use the Venn Diagram feature in the History of Supreme Court Nominations database, select the Advanced Search hyperlink to find the Venn Diagram Search within.

Users will be redirected to a search bar, instructions for its use, and example searches. Enter a search for multiple terms separated with the Boolean operators "AND." A Venn Diagram will appear, illustrating the various combinations of those terms and their respective results yield throughout the databaseThe original search combining all terms will appear by default, visually represented by the red intersection of all circles. 

View a sample Venn Diagram Search for the terms "penal code" AND genocide below.

This search returns these results: