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World Constitutions Illustrated: Contemporary and Historical Documents and Resources

This library enables legal scholars to research the constitutional and political development of every country in the world. It includes the current constitution for every country, constitutional histories, periodicals, classic books, and many more!


Using the Advanced Search Option

Select the Advanced Search link located beneath the main search bar to perform a more specific search. Choose various metadata fields to search, such as Text, Section Title, Description, Date, Original Language, and many more! Search across All Document Types or narrow your search to only Constitutional documents, books and periodicals. Lastly, refine your query by selecting the country you would like to research.World Constitutions IllustratedWorld Constitutions Illustrated

For example, to locate a specific author, select Advanced Search and then select Book Author from the drop-down field menu. Type the name of the author whose titles you would like to find. Users may choose to further refine their search under "Select Document Type," or keep the search within All Document Types. Under "Select Country," choose Greece. Like all HeinOnline searches, phrases should be contained in quotation marks and Boolean operators should be in all capital letters. World Constitutions Illustrated

Continue to refine your search by using facets to narrow the results by Date, Document Type, and Section Type.World Constitutions Illustrated

Working Inside Constitutions

Once a constitution or other document has been selected, use the table of contents at the left of the screen to locate specific sections. For example, let’s find the text of the Second Amendment of the most current consolidated Constitution of the United States of America. In the table of contents, the text of the Amendments is found beginning on page 23.World Constitutions IllustratedWorld Constitutions Illustrated

Navigate through the pages of Amendments to find the text of the Second Amendment, which is on page 26.World Constitutions Illustrated

Use the image toolbar, located above the PDF image of any HeinOnline document, to perform various functions, including downloading an instant PDF of a section, emailing a section to another user, creating permanent links, searching, and more. For example, search for the phrase "unreasonable searches” in the Amendments section of the Constitution of the United States. World Constitutions Illustrated

Using Faceted Searching

This database features faceted searching. Search across a number of different fields, depending on the type of document desired. Search across the full text of constitutional documents or search by the description or title of a document, adoption date, document language, effective date, promulgated date, or original language. For books, legal periodicals, and other materials, search across the full text or by title, author, or volume date. 

Use facets to refine search results by country, document type, date, title, and section type. For example, search across the entire database for "constitutional law" and narrow results to include only periodicals. With faceted searching, refine results accurately and easily.World Constitutions Illustrated