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U.S. Presidential Library

This database includes messages and papers of the presidents, public papers of the presidents, documents relating to impeachment, and a host of other works relating to the U.S. presidency.

The U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library

Browsing the U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library - NEW!

Organized around the four presidents affected so far, this collection brings together a variety of documents both contemporaneous and asynchronous to each president's impeachment, presenting both a snapshot of the political climate as each played out and the long view history has taken of past proceedings. Congressional Research Service reports round out a general discussion of presidential impeachment, and a curated list of scholarly articles, external links, and bibliography provide avenues for further research on this topic. We are especially pleased to include the ever-growing resource Whistleblower Complaint on Ukrainecompiled by Kelly Smith at UC San Diego, which brings together official documents related to the whistleblower complaint and impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump. This library will continue to grow as we add new material, particularly as it becomes available for the investigation into Donald Trump. 

Users can find this timely collection by simply clicking the Impeachment tab from any page within the database. 


From the U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library homepage, users then have the option to browse by president, search scholarly articles, peruse the bibliography, view other related works, and continue researching with our suggested external links. 

Upon entering the Donald Trump portion of the U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library, users can find the Whistleblower Complaint on Ukraine. Either browse the documents or use the conveniently located search bar to research specific words or phrases.

The whistleblower complaint that is the center of the impeachment inquiry also alleged that Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, led a cover-up of the Ukraine scandal. Enter "Rudy Giuliani" into the search bar provided for the whistleblower documents to bring up 15 results. To see any time Rudy Giuliani's name was mentioned, simply click All Matching Text Pages.

Alternatively, users can search while browsing through a specific document by utilizing the magnifying glass icon. For example, click on Trump Telephone Conversation with Zelensky (Declassified and Released 9/24/19). Next, click on the magnifying glass icon found above the document. To see when a member of the Biden family was mentioned, for example, simply enter "Biden" into the search box and click This Section

Results show one page where Biden's name is mentioned in this document. Click on Turn to page 4 to view the result. ‚Äč