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U.S. Presidential Library

This database includes messages and papers of the presidents, public papers of the presidents, documents relating to impeachment, and a host of other works relating to the U.S. presidency.

Featured Works

Electoral College

Does the presidential election cycle have you wondering every four years, "Hey, what exactly is the electoral college?" Hein has you covered. Featuring a variety of documents explaining how the electoral college system works, the history of its formation, debates around its efficiency, as well as efforts to reform and even abolish it, this subcollection explores the unique way America's leaders are chosen, as well as broader concerns about election security.

Executive Privilege Library

Providing primary and secondary source material such as government documents from the executive, legislative, and judicial branches, this database explores executive privilege from the country's founding to the present day. For more information, check out Executive Privilege's dedicated LibGuide!

U.S. Presidential Impeachment Library

Organized around the four presidents affected so far, this subcollection brings together a variety of documents both contemporaneous and asynchronous to each president's impeachment, presenting both a snapshot of the political climate as each played out and the long view history has taken of past proceedings. Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports round out a general discussion of presidential impeachment while a curated list of scholarly articles, external links, and a bibliography provide avenues for further research. Also included is the ever-growing resource Whistleblower Complaint on Ukraine, compiled by Kelly Smith at UC San Diego. 

CFR Title 3: Presidents

This series contains the full text of presidential proclamations, executive orders, and various other presidential documents promulgated from 1936 to current.

Messages and Papers of the President

A 22-volume set beginning with George Washington and concluding with Herbert Hoover. The messages of the presidents of the United States are among the most interesting, instructive, and valuable contributions to the public literature of our republic. They discuss from the loftiest standpoint nearly all the great questions of national policy and many subjects of minor interest which have engaged the attention of the people from the beginning of our history, and so constitute important and often vital documents in the history of the United States. 

Public Papers of the Presidents

Public Papers of the Presidents begins with Herbert Hoover and concludes with Barack Obama. The papers have been compiled and published by the Office of the Federal Register's National Archives and Records Administration since 1957 in response to a recommendation by the National Historical Publications Commission. Noting the lack of uniform compilations of messages and papers of the presidents before this time, the Commission recommended the establishment of an official series in which presidential writings, addresses, and remarks of a public nature would be made available. 

Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents

The Daily Compilation of Presidential Documents is issued through the Office of the Federal Register and contains statements, messages, and other presidential material released by the White House. This compilation also includes speeches, press conferences, press releases, proclamations, executive orders, acts approved by the President, and many more documents. Also included is the predecessor title, Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents.