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Taxation & Economic Reform in America: Parts I & II

This historical archive contains thousands of volumes and millions of pages of legislative history related to taxation, economic reform, and stimulus plans.


Advanced Searching

By selecting the Advanced Search option located beneath the Full Text search bar, users are able to access additional search field options, such as Text, Title, Date, and Description.

In addition, user are able to use the boolean operator drop-down options to connect search terms using AND, ORNOT, WITHIN 5, WITHIN 10, and WITHIN 25.


Search by Document Type

Within Advanced Search option, users are also able to limit their query to a specific document type using the fields noted below:












Limiting Search by Titles, Date, or Section Type

Using the various metadata fields noted below, researchers may limit their search query to specific titles, dates, or section types.


Legislative Histories

Search both Tax Legislative Histories and Economic Reform Legislative Histories three different ways:

  • Publication Title
  • Public Law Number
  • Popular Name


Selecting a legislative history containing multiple volumes directs researchers to a dedicated page for the title. The volumes may be browsed, or a search may be performed across the title as a whole.undefined


Tip: Refer to the Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories sub-collection located in the U.S. Federal Legislative History Library to locate available material on a specific public law. Each entry will display a list of available material pertaining to the public law, such as compiled legislative histories, books, and law review articles. Material available within HeinOnline will be hyperlinked.



The Carlton Fox Collection - Internal Revenue Acts of the United States, 1909-1950

Quickly locate a document with our custom-built index. This tool allows users to access additional search fields:

  • House Bill Number
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  • Document Type
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