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Searching 101

Whether you are new to HeinOnline or a regular user who needs to brush up on their skills, this LibGuide covers the basics of searching.

Welcome Page

Search Box

From the Welcome Page, users can enter any query into the search box. A series of options will appear in a drop-down, allowing you to specify your search intent.

Just search for: Search the full text of documents for your keyword(s). Users can also use this option to enter custom HeinOnline syntax. [ex: author:(Fitzgerald)].

Citation: Search for a document or case citation.

Catalog: Search across the entire HeinOnline catalog record.

Author: Search for a section author name.

Title: Search section titles across HeinOnline documents.

From the Welcome Page, these search options will search all of your subscribed HeinOnline content by default. If you’d like to limit your search to specific databases, use the database selector within the search box.

Select the button to bring up HeinOnline’s multiple database selector tool. Check the boxes next to the names of the databases you’re interested in searching, then click Submit.

Search Help

If you need help constructing a search, select the Search Help option located under the main search bar.

This option will follow you through HeinOnline and provides a breakdown of search syntax with examples. If you are a seasoned researcher, check out our Advanced Search Syntax Guide for more in-depth searching options.

Results Page

From the results page, matching text will appear bold-faced within results.

Expand the facets on the left-hand side to refine your search results.

Modify your search or search within results using the icons listed above the results.

Advanced Search

Select the Advanced Search link to open up three advanced search options.

(1) Search HeinOnline searches the full text and metadata of all subscribed HeinOnline databases.

Use the Venn Diagram tool to visualize results of various keywords to better refine your searches. The citation format guide tool lists titles available in HeinOnline, along with the citation or citations associated with that title. Use the A-Z Index to quickly jump to a specific title where you can enter citation information and be directed to a document.

(2) Advanced Catalog search searches across all HeinOnline content, including MARC21 records. It searches at the publication or title level. Matching results will display subscribed and non-subscribed databases. With this section users can search by publication title, author, ISSN or ISSBN, series, subject, and/or publisher. An autofill feature appears when using the publication title option.

(3) Citation Navigator allows users to easily pull up a citation. The autofill feature will appear when entering a citation. Use the Fastcase Lookup Tool if you’re not sure of a specific abbreviation or sync your Fastcase account if you have one.