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Searching 101

Whether you are new to HeinOnline or a regular user who needs to brush up on their skills, this LibGuide covers the basics of searching.

Collection Searching

Search Box Inside a Collection

Once you enter a specific database, the just search for option within the one-box search only searches within that collection. For example, enter the U.S. Congressional Serial Set to see the text within one-box now says Search U.S. Congressional Serial Set.

Run a search for "Susan B. Anthony" within the U.S. Congressional Serial Set. From the results page, refine your results based off the metadata discoverable within the specific collection. Notice that in the Serial Set users can refine by Chamber, Congress, and more.


Advanced Search

The Advanced Search link will change to options relevant to that database. Rather than Search HeinOnline, users can now search specifically in this collection.

For example, search for all House and Senate reports relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act from the year 2016. Add this phrase into the keyword option from the drop-down menu. From the section type, select uncheck all and then select house and senate reports. Finally, enter 2016 into the date range.

SEARCH TIP: Open the first result about bathroom accessibility to see if this report includes anything about baby changing facilities. Use the magnifying glass within the image toolbar to search within the section, page, or volume for a specific keyword or phrase. Search for baby OR babies.


From the results page, select turn to page to see the matching keywords within the text. 

The keyword or keywords can be seen highlighted in green on the page to make searching even easier.


Venn Diagram Search

Located within the Advanced Search tool of any database is the Venn Diagram Search feature. Use the tool to visualize the results yield of various keywords and better refine a search. After selecting the tool, users will be redirected to a page with a search bar, instructions for its use, and a few example searches. With the Venn Diagram feature, users can simply search for multiple terms separated with the Boolean operator "AND."

For example, perform a search in the Law Journal Library using the terms "child," "labor," and "rights." Enter each term into the search bar, separating each with the word "AND." Click the Search button to bring up a Venn Diagram illustrating the various combinations of those terms and their respective results yield within the Law Journal Library. The original search combining all three terms (child AND labor AND rights) will appear by default, visually represented by the red intersection of all three circles in the diagram.
















Users can also view the results of other combinations. Select the "Clear" button above the diagram to be able to hover over the various options. Users will see that all possible search term combinations are highlighted as the cursor hovers over them. Click one of these highlighted circles or intersections to bring up the results of certain combinations.

For example, to view only the results of the terms "child" and "labor," select "Clear" and then hover over the intersection between the two terms to see it highlighted in red. Select the red intersection to bring up the results of the search "child AND labor" in the Law Journal Library.