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Searching 101

Whether you are new to HeinOnline or a regular user who needs to brush up on their skills, this LibGuide covers the basics of searching.

Help Resources

Additional Resources for Searching

For help searching in HeinOnline, visit our Knowledge Base which contains hundreds of articles, training guides, and videos. The articles linked below are all related to searching.

Knowledge Base Articles for Searching


General Help Resources for Using HeinOnline

Check out the articles below to get started on becoming your own HeinOnline specialist.

Enhanced Faceting

At HeinOnline we are always trying to find ways to create smarter, better, faster research. With that in mind, we have enhanced our faceting tool. Enhanced faceting is a search feature that empowers users to quickly narrow down search results based on specific criteria. By selecting certain facets, you can instantly refine your search and zero in on the most relevant results. With tens of millions of pages to sift through in HeinOnline, refining your search queries has never been faster or more efficient.

How to Search in HeinOnline

Whether you are new to HeinOnline or a regular user who needs to brush up on their skills, this short tutorial covers the basics of searching. We'll take a look at how to search from the welcome page, or from within a specific collection, while introducing some basic syntax options.


How to Search the Catalog

The easiest way to find out if a title exists in HeinOnline is to run a Catalog search. A Catalog search will search across the entire HeinOnline catalog, including MARC21 records. In this short tutorial, we'll explore how to run a catalog search and what advanced catalog search options are available.


How to Use Citations in HeinOnline

The HeinOnline interface provides several tools related to citations. With them, locate documents and cases with just a citation, find referenced material within a document, cite a specific document in multiple formats, and export those citations to various platforms. Watch this brief video below to learn how!


How to Search Across Multiple Databases

Learn how to search across multiple databases upfront from the HeinOnline welcome page. This feature helps users select specific databases, rather than searching across all subscribed content. Watch this brief video for more information.


How to Use the Venn Diagram Search

With the Venn Diagram search in HeinOnline, researchers can visualize the results yield of various keywords to better refine their searches. Users can not only search with the Venn Diagram within one database, but they can also use it to refine their searches across all subscribed databases. Learn how to use the feature in brief video.