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A scholarly analysis tool to help users learn more about documents, titles, and authors and their impact in the research community.

Using ScholarCheck

Using ScholarCheck in Search Results

After entering a query in HeinOnline, ScholarCheck statistics are available on applicable results. For example, run a search for "electoral college" in the Law Journal Library. Users can see ScholarCheck metrics (if they exist for that document) right away within each result entry.

Click on any of the hyperlinked "Cited by" links to be brought directly to a listing of the citing articles or cases.

Because of ScholarCheck's knowledge of these metrics, users can sort their search results accordingly. Sort your results by:

  • Number of times cited by articles
  • Number of times accessed in the past 12 months (rolling)
  • Number of times cited by cases
  • Most-cited author

ScholarCheck in the Page Viewer

Users can also see a document's ScholarCheck metrics displayed right within the page viewer. Take a look at this article, "Interest Group in American Public Law," as an example. From within the page viewer, find the ScholarCheck box located above the table of contents. 

Clicking the box displays a pop-up containing the document's metrics. Notice the color code:

  • Blue: cited by articles
  • Red: cited by cases
  • Green: cited by Restatements of the Law* and other American Law Institute documents
  • Gold: number of times accessed within a rolling 12-month period

Click any of these hyperlinks to see the relevant listing. 

*Restatements of the Law is an American legal encyclopedia produced by legal scholars and is more highly regarded by the courts than any other secondary resource. 

ScholarCheck in the Text

Also see ScholarCheck working within the text of the chosen document wherever blue highlights appear. These highlights represent ScholarCheck's inline hyperlinking. Click any blue link to quickly access the highlighted cited material within your subscribed HeinOnline content.

ScholarCheck and Fastcase

Users also have access to ScholarCheck when pulling up a case from Fastcase. For example, enter the case citation 367 F.3d 594 into the main search bar, and choose the Citation search option. Notice that ScholarCheck metrics are easily accessible in the upper-right corner of the page. 

Click the hyperlink* Cited by 46 Cases to view the listing. 

*Note: Users must have access to Fastcase Premium in order to view cited-by cases.