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A scholarly analysis tool to help users learn more about documents, titles, and authors and their impact in the research community.

About ScholarCheck

About ScholarCheck

When browsing through scholarly journals and other sources in HeinOnline, it is imperative to know how authoritative that source is for your research. HeinOnline’s ScholarCheck is a series of tools and features integrated throughout HeinOnline to help researchers quickly locate related material throughout the interface. 

  • Analyze the most-cited journals, articles, and authors
  • View and access articles and cases cited by other articles and cases, and see how many times an article has been accessed by other HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period
  • Quickly access related material across HeinOnline and Fastcase content with inline hyperlinking
  • Sort search results by most-cited and most-accessed content
  • View metrics for ranking scholarly authors on their Author Profile Pages

Allowing users to view articles and cases which have a heavy influence on the subject being researched, ScholarCheck is available in several HeinOnline databases.


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