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Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing Tools

HeinOnline has implemented artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools to help both novice and experienced researchers make the most of its content.

Keyword Search Builder

About the Keyword Search Builder

The Keyword Search Builder in HeinOnline works similarly to the More Like This tool, however, in this case the user can enter their own keywords or phrases, and apply the desired boost weight. The tool then provides a list of articles, based on the user's keywords and boost weight.

This tool can be found within Advanced Search options for databases that include various serials and periodicals within HeinOnline.

For example, let's use the Keyword Search Builder found within the Advanced Search option of the Law Journal Library. To use this tool, enter keywords into one or more of the boxes provided. Adjust the weight of each word using the boost factors. Users can also select a date range to search within.

image of Keyword Search Builder options in HeinOnline

This tool compares all articles in HeinOnline and ranks them in order based on the chosen keywords. Results include the top 50 most relevant articles available in HeinOnline.

From the results page, users can review the list of articles. Adjust the boost factor on the keywords, enter new terms, or adjust the date range to change the scope of the results.

image of results page for a Keyword Builder search in HeinOnline