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Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing Tools

HeinOnline has implemented artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools to help both novice and experienced researchers make the most of its content.

Entity Extraction

About Entities in HeinOnline

Are you researching a certain place, person, or other entities? These types of data have been extracted from each article in HeinOnline and made available when browsing and searching in various HeinOnline databases.

From the Law Journal Library, for example, search for “civil rights”. On the results page, locate the facets on the left-hand side. Users will see LocationPerson, and Organization facets. These facets list the most relevant data that appears within your query, and allow you to filter further by entities.

image of entities listed within the refine your search option on a results page within the Law Journal LIbrary

For example, choose to filter your research on civil rights further. Select the United States of America from Location facet, Martin Luther King from Person facet, and the Supreme Court from the Organization facet.

image of refining search results using entities in HeinOnline