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Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing Tools

HeinOnline has implemented artificial intelligence and natural language processing tools to help both novice and experienced researchers make the most of its content.

About PathFinder

Overview of Subjects and Entities

Using a combination of human curation along with natural language processing and machine learning, we’ve extracted narrow research concepts and interesting entities from each article in the Law Journal Library database. This has provided a robust foundation of more than 1,500 distinct multidisciplinary concepts (Subjects) as well as relevant location, person, and organization information (Entities) which we’ve used to categorize each and every Law Journal Library document.

As we refine and expand our machine learning, our collection of more than 1,500 of these Subjects continues to grow. To make Subjects even more intuitive, discoverable, and user friendly, we’ve further categorized them into a multi-level taxonomy that we call PathFinder.

About PathFinder Subjects

PathFinder is a suite of browse and search tools for subject-specific research, powered by a multi-level subject taxonomy that has been organized from the ground up based on our initial list of 1,500 "topics." Now called Subjects, these granular research concepts have been categorized into increasingly broad levels. 

Refine by Subject

PathFinder’s Subjects can be found as facets on the left-hand side of search results. After performing a search, the HeinOnline search engine provides a list of the most-frequently assigned PathFinder subjects that appear among the results. See an example search for “women’s rights” and the most frequent Subjects that appear below.

image of PathFinder subjects when refining search results


Subjects within Results

PathFinder’s Subjects are made visible within each search result. A quick glance at these Subjects can often provide all the information necessary about whether that document is pertinent to your research.

image of PathFinder Subjects within search results

Subjects within Advanced Search

Additionally, users can search by PathFinder Subjects when performing an Advanced Search in the Law Journal Library database. Construct any query, then choose one or more Subjects under which the search engine should perform that query.

image of PathFinder Subjects within Advanced Search of the Law Journal Library