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Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf

A collection of works, scholarly articles, and tools for librarians, faculty and students. Contains research guides, bibliographies, dictionaries, biographies, and more.

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Spinelli's Law Library Reference Shelf includes a wealth of content that has been broken into more than 15 subcollections. Entering the database will bring users directly to the All Titles tab, where they may browse all of the titles in the database by:

AALL Publications

Browse more than 200 AALL Publications, including manuals, bibliographies, and many other tools.

Featured titles include:

Bibliography of Early American Law 

Popularly known as BEAL, users are able to browse the original 6 volumes published in 1998 and the 2003 supplement representing the culmination of an entire career of research for renowned lecturer and Professor Emeritus at Yale Law School, Morris L. Cohen. This set covers the period from the beginnings of American history up to and including 1860.


Browse more than 950 bibliographic works.

Some notable titles included are:



Browse more than 1,300 publications on individuals such as:

Cataloging Publications

Browses all Library of Congress Classification Schedules from A to Z, covering all subjects in the classification system. Link from the Library of Congress Subject Heading to the classification schedules, and from the classification schedules to the tables, all in a matter of seconds! 

Significant title included:


Browse more than 370 legal dictionaries, dating back to 1481. 

Dictionaries include:

Legal Education

Browse more than 250 titles related to legal education. Among the titles included are:

Legal Research Guide Series

Browse more than 100 of Hein’s Legal Research Guides, designed to present an in-depth analysis of the resources available for researching various subject areas.

Some notable guides include:

Scholarly Articles*

Browse hundreds of relevant law review articles that discuss various aspects of legal education and law librarianship. All articles have been hand-selected from HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library.

*To access the full text of the law review articles, you must be subscribed to the Law Journal Library.


Browse more than 50 valuable law-related publications.

Notable titles include:

Other Related Works

Browse nearly 400 additional related resources for librarians, faculty, and students.