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Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law

Access to English & American legal history dating back to A.D. 1066 in an online digital format

Additional Resources

Ames Foundation

The official website of the Ames Foundation.

Draft Papers Given at 18th British Legal History Conference

A bibliography of draft papers given at the 18th British Legal History Conference: Judges and Judging, at Oxford on 25 July 2007, presented by the Ames Foundation.

English Medieval Legal Documents Database

The English Medieval Legal Documents Database: A Compilation of Published Sources from 600 to 1535 is a project of the University of Southern California School of Law . Originally started as a wiki, the database was converted into a libguide in 2019. Material is divided into broad categories and then subdivided by material type (plea rolls, courts reports, calendars, etc.,) and then chronologically by regnal year.


Hansard is a “substantially verbatim” report of what is said in Parliament. Members’ words are recorded, and then edited to remove repetitions and obvious mistakes, albeit without taking away from the meaning of what is said. Hansard also reports decisions taken during a sitting and records how Members voted to reach those decisions in Divisions. This website allows users to find Members, their contributions, debates, petitions and divisions from published Hansard reports dating back over 200 years. Daily debates from Hansard are published on this website the next working day.

Legal History: The Year Books: Medieval English Legal History An Index and Paraphrase of Printed Year Book Reports, 1268 - 1535

Compiled by David J. Seipp, Professor of Law at Boston University, this database indexes all Year Book law reports printed between 1268 and 1535.

Selden Society Official Publications

The official website of the Selden Society.

Stair Society

The official website of the Stair Society.