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Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law

Access to English & American legal history dating back to A.D. 1066 in an online digital format

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About Selden Society Publications and the History of Early English Law

HeinOnline has partnered with the Selden Society and the Ames Foundation to bring early English manuscripts, yearbooks, and more to the forefront, providing access to English and American legal history in an online searchable format that has never been available before! In addition to primary publications, researchers will also find some of the most influential digests, abridgments, and modern encyclopedias that formed the foundation of English law, and had enduring effects on the development of law in America. From Nicholas Statham’s Abridgment of Cases to the End of Henry VI, published in 1490, and Fitzherbert’s Abridgment in 1577, to Coke’s Institutes in 1797 and 1809 and Coke’s Reports in 1826, this collection gives researchers a penetrating insight into the works of some of the most widely known authors of treatises, as well as the most important works of authority.


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