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Reports of U.S. Presidential Commissions and Other Advisory Bodies: A Bibliographic Listing

An extensive and current listing of publications created by presidential advisory bodies, with linking to full-text reports, congressional hearings, and related scholarly articles and books.

Commission Reports

Indexed and Full-Text Commission Reports

More than 6,900 commission reports are indexed in the database, spanning U.S. presidential administrations from Andrew Jackson to Donald Trump. More than 2,300 full-text reports of those indexed entries link to full-text reproductions of the report, including those from more than ten of the most well-known presidential commissions:

On the main database page, users are immediately presented with the Commissions Reports Index. From here, browse all indexed or full-text report entries by president, commission name, commission subject, or report title.


Browse by President

Select the President browse option to view a list of administrations for which indexed or full-text commission reports are available*.













Select any president to view his specific list of commissions, councils, or advisory boards. As an example, we've selected George W. Bush below:

















*Coverage of presidential administrations extends from Andrew Jackson to Donald Trump. 

Browse by Commission Name

Choose to browse by Commission Name and find a navigable alphabetical list of all commissions for which HeinOnline has entries. Where popular (yet unofficial) commission names are listed, HeinOnline redirects the user to the official commission name. 
















Select any commission name to view the available reports for that commission. As an example, we've selected Bill Clinton's Assassination Records Review Board below. 


Browse by Commission Subject

Use the Commission Subject browse option to find any commission reports that fall under a particular subject.















As an example, we've selected the subject of Asian Americans below. Use the facets on the left-hand side to filter the results by president or additional related subjects. 



Selected Commission Subjects

The reports in this database have been categorized under hundreds of subjects for your searching convenience. Subjects include: 

  • Agriculture
  • AIDS
  • American Indians
  • Bioethics
  • Biotechnology
  • Censorship
  • Challenger Space Shuttle
  • Chemical Warfare
  • Children
  • Cybersecurity
  • Defense
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Abuse
  • Education
  • Elections
  • Foreign Aid
  • Gambling
  • Global Warming
  • Gun Control
  • Health Care
  • Identity Theft
  • Immigration
  • International Trade
  • Jobs
  • Labor Disputes
  • Mental Health
  • National Security
  • Nuclear Weapons
  • Organized Crime
  • Prison
  • Refugees
  • Social Security
  • Toxic Substances
  • United Nations
  • Veterans
  • Violence
  • War Criminals
  • Water
  • World Hunger
  • And hundreds more!

Browse by Report Title

Browse by Report Title to find a navigable alphabetical list of all reports for which HeinOnline has entries. 
















Select any report to be directed to its related commission. As an example, we've selected Achieving an AIDS-Free Generation, from President Barack Obama's Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS.