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Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S.

A comprehensive database of historical and current documents on immigration law and policy.

Additional Resources

8 CFR Part 270

This section of the Code of Federal Regulations outlines statutory definitions and penalties for document fraud as it pertains to the Immigration and Nationality Act.

8 CFR Part 274a

This section of the Code of Federal Regulations outlines the statutory regulations around the employment of immigrant aliens.

28 CFR Part 44

This section of the Code of Federal Regulations outlines the statutory prohibitions and definitions related to unfair immigration-related employment practices.

28 CFR Part 68

This section of the Code of Federal Regulations outlines the rules of practice and procedure for administrative hearings before administrative law judges in cases involving allegations of unlawful employment of aliens, unfair immigration-related employment practices, and document fraud.

Administrative Procedure Act

This is a legislative history of the Administrative Procedure Act, enacted in 1946, which governs the way the administrative agencies of the U.S. federal government propose and establish regulations. It also grants federal courts oversight powers over agency actions.

Immigration Law (U.S.) Research Guide

This research guide provides information on locating sources of U.S. immigration law at the Georgetown University Law Library.  

Immigration Legal Resource Center

Originally founded as the Golden Gate Immigration Clinic in 1979, the Immigration Legal Resource Center seeks to improve immigration law and policy, expand the capacity of legal service providers, and advance immigrant rights. The Center trains attorneys, paralegals, and community-based advocates who work with immigrants around the country, as well as working with grassroots immigrant organizations to promote civic engagement and social change.

Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer

This is the official website of the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer. The Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer within the Department of Justice has jurisdiction over cases arising under the Immigration and Nationality Act in which 1) allegations are made of employment of unauthorized aliens, 2) immigration-related unfair employment practices, and 3) immigration-related document fraud. The Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer is headed by a Chief Administrative Hearing Officer (CAHO) who provides overall program direction, articulates policies and procedures, establishes priorities, administers the hearing process presided over by Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) and reviews the employer sanctions decisions of the ALJs.

Points-Based Immigration: Canada

This legal research report from the Library of Congress explores Canada's Express Entry system, which manages applications for the country's three economic immigration programs and the history of prior points-based immigration systems used in Canada.

Subject Compilations of State Laws (Immigration)

Featuring bibliographic records from Cheryl Nyberg's Subject Compilations Bibliography Series, this resource aids researchers in identifying thousands of articles, books, government documents, loose-leaf services, court opinions and Internet sites that compare state laws on hundreds of subjects--including immigration.

TRAC Immigration

TRAC (the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse) is a data data gathering, data research and data distribution organization at Syracuse University. TRAC Immigration is an online database for comprehensive, independent, and nonpartisan information about U.S. federal immigration enforcement.

Virtual Law Library

The Department of Justice's Virtual Law Library is a continually updated list of digital legal research resources related to immigration research.