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History of International Law

Thousands of titles relating to the history of international law, with specialization in subjects such as war and peace, law of the sea, international arbitration, The Hague conferences, and more.

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About History of International Law

To understand international law as it exists today, it is crucial to contextualize its evolution and development. Modern international law practices have grown out of centuries of war, diplomacy, and international relations. Meanwhile, the concept of international law in general traces its foundations even further back to the historical politics, trade practices, and military endeavors of ancient civilizations. 

With more than 2,800 titles and 1.6 million pages, HeinOnline’s History of International Law presents an online compilation of materials capable of launching any researcher into the study of this subject. Original sources and academic analyses relating to human rights, war and peace, the law of the sea, and other topics in international law are included in HeinOnline’s fully searchable image-based format.


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