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History of Bankruptcy: Taxation & Economic Reform in America Part III

The third installment of HeinOnline's Taxation and Economic Reform in America archive, focusing on historical bankruptcy materials.

About the History of Bankruptcy Database

About the History of Bankruptcy Database

In September of 2009, HeinOnline brought its users Parts I and II of the Taxation and Economic Reform in America archive, an authoritative resource for historical taxation and economic legislation. undefined

History of Bankruptcy is the third part of this series, consisting of more than 575,000 pages of legislative histories, treatises, documents, and more relating to bankruptcy law in America. Also included are classic books on the subject dating back to the late 1700s, as well as links to scholarly articles that have been chosen by our editors due to their significance in the study of bankruptcy legislation. 

Bankruptcy legislation is based upon a foundation of regulations, laws, bills, and hearings that have led to the current state of bankruptcy in America. The History of Bankruptcy database brings all of this material to your fingertips, allowing users to search across historical and current related content. This database will continue to grow as we add more bankruptcy-related books, legislative histories, monographs, and treatises.

Access to this database is automatically provided with the purchase of a subscription to Taxation & Economic Reform in America: Parts I & II.


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