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Using Fastcase Premium

Fastcase Premium: Features

Fastcase Premium offers the same features as Fastcase Basic, which is included in core subscriptions. In addition, Fastcase Premium offers several valuable enhancements. For in-depth instructions on utilizing the Fastcase Premium features, navigate through the tabs on this page. 

Case Law Linking

As with Fastcase Basic, Fastcase Premium offers the ability to click links and be quickly directed to the case or article referenced by the link.

Full Search Capabilities*

With Fastcase Premium, search the full text of Fastcase cases and their metadata using HeinOnline's full-text and advanced search options. Case law is included in search results when searching across any subscribed database in HeinOnline.

Citation Look-Up

As with Fastcase Basic, access cases by entering the proper Bluebook citation into the citation box available from the Case Law tab (found on the HeinOnline welcome page and from inside any HeinOnline library). The Case Law tab also displays the Fastcase Lookup feature, a more advanced method for finding cases by citation. 

​Negative Treatment Analysis

As in Fastcase Basic, a negative treatment indicator displays when a case has been reversed or overruled on any grounds. In addition, Fastcase Premium also provides access to the "Bad Law Bot," which allows users access to the specific court cases that have overturned or reversed the case in question.*

Premium ScholarCheck Integration*

As with Fastcase Basic, HeinOnline's ScholarCheck feature works fully with Fastcase cases to determine how many articles in HeinOnline cite that particular case. In addition, Fastcase Premium enables ScholarCheck to cite additional cases that cite the original case.*

Downloading and Printing PDFs

As in Fastcase Basic, users may click "PDF/Download" from a specific case to quickly obtain a printable document.

*This enhancement or new feature is only included with a Fastcase Premium subscription. 

Inline Hyperlinks from HeinOnline to Case Law

Case citations referenced in the text of any article, case, or other document in HeinOnline will link to the case in Fastcase. Links will be highlighted in blue.















Clicking on the link will pull in the full text of the cited case. Cases and articles included in the HeinOnline database will link to HeinOnline PDF images. Cases available via Fastcase will display HTML text (seen below).


Full-Text and Metadata Searching

With Fastcase Premium, selecting Fastcase from the list of available databases will produce the search tool, enabling the user to search the full text and metadata of all cases included in Fastcase. Options to search by Case Name, Citation, Party, Court, and more are available by using the drop-down menu highlighted below. 


Cases within Search Results

Case law is also included in the search results across all subscribed databases in HeinOnline. For example, a full-text search for "Tasini v. New York Times Co." from the welcome page will reveal 244 results.

The facets on the left side of the screen, used for narrowing search results, will now include "Cases" as a category.


Citation Look-Up

Cases can also be accessed by entering the proper Bluebook citation into the search bar and selecting Citation from the drop-down.

From the Main Search Bar: 

From the HeinOnline welcome page or inside any HeinOnline database, simply type or copy and paste the proper case citation into the search bar and click the Citation option. Users will be directed to the full text of the case. 

From the Advanced Search Fastcase Lookup:

From the Advanced Search screen, scroll down to Citation Navigator and find Fastcase Case Lookup. Enter the case citation in the first box and select "Get Citation." Alternatively, enter the volume and page numbers and use the citation drop-down box to choose the Bluebook abbreviation. 

Negative Treatment Indicators

As with Fastcase Basic, an authority check feature is displayed which indicates when a case has been treated negatively (reversed or overruled on any grounds). This negative treatment indicator appears as a red flag at the top of the page for any such case.


"Bad Law Bot": A Negative Treatment Analysis

In addition to the red flag indicator, in Fastcase Premium the words "Negative treatment indicated" are hyperlinked to a list of the specific cases which have overturned or reversed the case. Select the text to view the list of cases. 

Premium ScholarCheck Integration

HeinOnline's ScholarCheck feature is enhanced with Fastcase Premium. The feature works with Fastcase cases to determine how many articles and cases in HeinOnline cite that particular case. 

Click on either "Cited by Articles" or "Cited by Cases" to view the list of citations for the case in question. Users will also notice that the same hyperlinks now appear in search results.