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Cataloging Legal Literature

Cataloging Legal Literature, 5th Edition, describes the authors' understanding of current descriptive subject cataloging and classification practices for legal materials.

Searching and Browsing


Both Part 1 and Part 2 are fully searchable. Users can utilize the main search bar and the Advanced Search link to search the database. Within the Advanced Search option, users can search by:

  • Text
  • Term
  • Definition
  • Alert
  • Description
  • Subjects
  • Classification
  • History

For example, search for the world protocols in the term field.


Search results include information from both Part 1 and Part 2. Text matching the search term will appear bold faced within each result. Click a result to access the material.

Part 2 consists of an alphabetical listing of legal terms, genres, and subject headings with definitions, RDA cataloging instructions, LC subject and genre/form term guidance, classification tips, examples, and some historical information. Link quickly between related subjects.

Clicking on any term will open up a box that includes a description, as well as an alert, access, subject, example, or classification. Users can also click on the See cases link for more information.