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U.S. Code

This database includes complete coverage of the U.S. Code dating back to inception in 1925-1926. It also includes the Early Federal Laws Collection, which represents the most complete collection of federal statute compilations prior to the U.S. Code.

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Organization of the U.S. Code Library

The U.S. Code collection homepage features the ability to browse content by Editions or by Titles, a prominent citation locator, historical supporting documents such as Early Federal Codes and Compilations of Statutes, Other Related Works, and Additional Resources to other versions of the U.S. Code as well as information about the history of this publication.

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Click Browse by Editions to display a list of all U.S. Code editions from inception to current. The United States Code is published every six years, with annual supplements published between editions. Clicking any edition will produce a list of its volumes followed by the supplements, all indicating the titles covered. Clicking a volume will open its content in HeinOnline’s familiar image-based format.

Citation Locator

The U.S. Code in HeinOnline has been programmatically indexed to the section level. Use the citation locator from the top of the collection homepage to retrieve a document by its citation. Enter the title number and section number, and select an edition from the dropdown menu. You will be asked to select a section if there are multiple results that match your criteria, or you will be brought to the page in the United States Code which contains your specified section.

U.S. Code

Early Federal Codes & Compilations of Statutes

The Early Federal Codes & Compilations of Statutes collection represents the most complete set of federal statute compilations available prior to the United States Code in 1926. The collection includes the first compilation by Richard Folwell (1795-1814), the Bioren and Duane editions (1815), Thomas Herty Digest (1800), and William Graydon’s Abridgement (1803), among others. Browse the laws by Title, Coverage, Publication Date, Volumes, Congress, or Compiler, using a custom chart of documents. Sort the chart by any of these parameters.