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Revised Statutes of Canada

This database includes complete coverage of all six revisions from the official printed volumes of the Revised Statutes of Canada in nearly 80,000 pages.

Database Overview

The Statutes of Canada is a collection of all of the laws passed by the Parliament of Canada since 1867, when the three colonies of Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick were united in what has become known as the Canadian Confederation. Nestled atop Parliament Hill in Ottawa, the Parliament of Canada remains the federal legislature of the country, and is divided into three parts: the Monarch, the Senate, and the House of Commons. Most bills originate in the House of Commons, proceed through a series of stages and debates in each chamber, and, once passed by both houses, are presented for Royal Assent, at which time the Monarch (or his representative) can choose to formally make the bill into a law. 

The Revised Statutes of Canada (RSC) compiles all of the current federal laws that are in force, removing rescinded acts and adding amendments and other additions since the last revision. To date, there have been six revisions: 1886, 1906, 1927, 1952, 1970, and 1985. The publication thus makes up the current federal legal code of the country, and as such, is a crucial resource for the study of Canadian law.


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image of the revised statutes of candada, 1985 displayed on a laptop