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Religion and the Law

This database provides a research platform for the development, history, organization, and fundamental principles of various world religions.

Additional Resources

Center for Jewish Law & Judaic Studies (DePaul College of Law)

The DePaul University College of Law Center for Jewish Law & Judaic Studies is dedicated to promoting multi-disciplinary education in Jewish law, philosophy, theology, history, and culture among members of the bar, the academy, the greater Chicagoland Jewish community, and all others who are sincerely interested in what Judaism has to say about issues of critical contemporary significance.

Christian Legal Fellowship

Christian Legal Fellowship (CLF) is a national charitable association that exists to serve the legal profession by deepening and strengthening the spiritual life of its members, and to encourage and facilitate among Christians in the vocation of law the integration of a Biblical faith with contemporary legal, moral, and social issues. It has 14 chapters in cities across Canada and student chapters in most Canadian law schools. While having no direct denominational affiliation, CLF’s members represent more than 30 Christian denominations working in association together.

International Center for Law and Religion Studies

Founded in 2000, the International Center for Law and Religion Studies is part of the J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University, one of the largest private universities in the United States. The Center’s mission is to “help secure the blessings of religious liberty for all,” through scholarship, networking, educational activities, and law reform efforts.

Prohibition of Interfaith Marriage

This legal research report from the Library of Congress provides information on the laws of 29 countries, plus the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, that prohibit marriages between people of two different religions.

Putting the Talmud online

This article on describes efforts to digitize the Talmud and host it for free on Sefaria.

Religious Legal Systems in Comparative Law: A Guide to Introductory Research (GlobaLex)

This research guide from Marylin Johnson Raisch, Associate Director for Research and Collection Development at the Georgetown Law Center, explores various religious legal systems with inline hyperlinks to relevant texts.