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Military Legal Resources (U.S. Army JAG School)

Developed in conjunction with the William Winthrop Memorial Library of the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's School, this collection contains publications produced by the JAG on military justice, war crimes, and international law.


Main Search Bar Tips

  • The main search bar is stationary throughout HeinOnline
  • Once inside the Military Legal Resources database, the search bar will search only within this database, unless the Search All Databases box is ticked
  • Need something more robust? Click Advanced Search to perform a search using custom drop-downs
  • Need a refresher on how to construct a perfect search? Click Search Help for a quick reference guide to commonly used search syntax

The main search bar is stationary throughout HeinOnline and always appears at the top of the page. Beneath the search bar are displayed three additional hyperlinked search options: Advanced Search, Search Help, and Citation Navigator


Using the Main Search Bar

  • For example, enter the phrase "court martial" inside quotation marks into the search bar
    • Select where you want to search for this phrase: as an Author, appearing in the Title of any document or article, as a Citation, or in our Catalog as a title. Want to see your search in any of these fields, or appearing in the full text of a document? Select Just search for

When you start typing in the main search bar, different areas to search within will autopopulate. In this example, we typed in "court martial" inside quotation marks. Autopopulating beneath our term are five places we can search for our terms within: Just search for, Author, Title, Citation, Catalog,   

  • Use the facets on the left side of the page to narrow your results by Date, Document Type, Section Type, or Title
  • Terms matching the search query appear in bold text within the matching text page snippets
  • Sort search results by relevance, volume date, or title
  • Save to your MyHein account, email a result, display download options, or download a PDF using the icons on the right side of each search result
  • Use the icons next to the sort-by bar to modify your current search, to search within results, to toggle all matching text pages, or to turn OFF infinite scroll

Results for our search term. On the left-hand side are displayed five expanding facets to filter down search results: Date, Document Type, Section Type, and Title. At the top of the page is a toolbar that displays a drop down to change the order that search results are displayed. Beneath the toolbar are two boxes to check or uncheck all results and then save to personal MyHein account. At the right-hand side of each result are four icons: download pdf, download options, email result, bookmark result to MyHein. Beneath these icons, each result's ScholarCheck stats are shown.

Using Advanced Search

  • Click Advanced Search to be taken to a page with custom facets to help maximize your research within this collection
  • Use the drop-downs to choose a variety of ways to search: Text, Title, or Creator/Author
    • Add another search field if three isn't enough
  • Select a subcollection to search within, Ctrl + click to select multiple subcollections, or search in all
  • Pick a title by citation to search within
  • Restrict results within a date range and change how results are sorted

The Advanced Search page shows three search bars. At left of each search bar are dropdown fields letting users search by Text, Title, Creator/Author. At right of search bars are options to link searches in multiple fields by AND OR and exclude by NOT. Can also search for terms occurring within 5, 10, or 25 words of each other. At far right are three buttons linking to Venn Diagram Search, Citation Navigator, and Citation Format Guide. Beneath search bars are the list of document types to select. Beneath is a free form search field to search within a title by Bluebook citation. Lastly, a free form date by year field.

The search results page.

About Venn Diagram Search


  • Venn Diagram Search offers a visual representation of how search terms interact with each other
  • Helps users both refine their current search terms and become better researchers going forward
  • Find the link to Venn Diagram Search on the Advanced Search page
  • Searches are constructed by stringing together multiple terms separated by the Boolean operator "AND," with phrases grouped together in quotation marks



A search bar at the top of the page. Beneath are three intersecting circles of various sizes. One circle represents "war crimes," one represents "civilians" and one represents "vietnam." There is a small sliver where the circles intersect and it is colored red. At right, standard search results are displayed.

  • Results on the right side of the page pertain to the search as we originally constructed it (represented by the red slice in the center of the intersecting circles)
  • Select Clear for the ability to hover over the different segments of the diagram and see all possible search term combinations from our original query
  • In our example, we can see results for:
    • "war crimes" AND civilians
    • "war crimes" AND "vietnam"
    • civilians AND vietnam
    • the terms "war crimes," civilians and vietnam individually
  • Sort the results, save or export, turn to the specific page of a result, or start at the beginning of a given title