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Military Legal Resources (U.S. Army JAG School)

Developed in conjunction with the William Winthrop Memorial Library of the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General's School, this collection contains publications produced by the JAG on military justice, war crimes, and international law.

Additional Content

Legislative Histories

Legislative histories offer insight into the journey a piece of legislation took through all its iterations, from initial proposal to the final bill passed. Within this subcollection, users will find compiled legislative histories as well as individual Congressional reports and hearings on specific laws.

Titles of note in this subcollection include:


Pamphlets & Theses

This subcollection contains shorter documents published by the JAG School and the army, offering bite-sized snippets on big topics.

Titles of note include:



Access the complete archives of periodicals published by the JAG School and various service branches. Periodicals of special interest in this subcollection include:


Other Related Works

Find additional titles on the law of war, the United States military, and military justice that fall outside the jurisdiction of the other subcollections featured.

Some titles of note in this subcollection include: