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European Centre for Minority Issues

This database is comprised of European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI) documents including working papers, reports, perspectives, and much more.

Database Overview

The European Centre for Minority Issues (ECMI), founded in 1996, is Europe’s leading institution for implementing a roadmap for minority protection and empowerment. Through practice-oriented research the European Centre for Minority Issues:

  • Provides information and documentation,
  • Offers advisory services concerning minority-majority relations in Europe
  • Serves European governments and regional intergovernmental organizations as well as non-dominant groups in the European area
  • Supports the academic community, the media, and the general public through the timely provision of information and analysis.

HeinOnline has collected reports, working papers, and other publications from the Centre and made them available in its fully searchable, image-based PDF format. Discover thousands of pages that inform of ongoing ECMI research, address the results of ECMI projects, and make up scholarly journals relating to the issues of ethnopolitics, minority issues, and more.


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image of the 2020 Annual Report from the ECMI database within HeinOnline