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State Constitutions Illustrated

HeinOnline's State Constitutions Illustrated database contains historical and current constitutions for all fifty U.S. states.

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About State Constitutions Illustrated

HeinOnline's State Constitutions Illustrated is a collection of the constitutions of the 50 states of the United States, together with related documents and resources. Containing the text of every constitution that has been in force for every state with the original, consolidated and current texts and an extensive collection of documents from before statehood, State Constitutions Illustrated provides comprehensive coverage and allows researchers to compare multiple editions from multiple sources. It currently has over 11,000 historical and current constitutions and constitutional documents, but if that isn't enough to satiate your state constitution research needs, don't worry—we're adding more!

Seasoned HeinOnline researchers will recognize the design of the State Constitutions Illustrated database from its sister database, World Constitutions Illustrated. The shared features between these two are:

  • The original text of a constitution, accompanied by the consolidated texts over the life of that particular constitution, up to and including its final text are included.
  • The most current constitution will be updated each time it is amended.
  • Reproductions of multiple editions of a particular constitution are provided.

Unique features to State Constitutions Illustrated include:

  • Map browse-by feature.
  • Coverage of constitutional material for all 50 states from inception to the elections on November 8, 2022.
  • Constitutional materials from pre-statehood, including colonial charters, laws, and royal instructions for the original thirteen colonies; treaties, territorial laws, and federal acts for the other states. We have completed compiling this material all 50 states.
  • Inclusion of the text of a constitution as published in that state's session laws.


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