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John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection

All available government documents relating to the 1963 John F. Kennedy assassination, including state and local law enforcement materials.

Searching within the Database

Full-Text Searching

The main search bar is stationary throughout HeinOnline, allowing users to search the JFK collection in addition to browsing. After entering the John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection, the Full Text search tab option on the search bar will search only within this database.

Search for articles pertaining to a topic using the main search bar. For example, enter the phrase gunshot AND analy* into the search bar to research gunshot analysis in the JFK assassination. (The asterisk [*] will perform a multiple-character wildcard search to elicit results that include variations of the word, such as "analysis," "analyze," "analyst," etc.) 

In the results, terms matching the search query appear in large bold text within the matching text page snippets.

Refine the results using the facets on the left side of the page. Available facets include Date, Publication Type, Agency, and Originator. Sort search results by relevance, volume date, and more. Find access tools such as an instant PDF download on the right side of each search result.  Use the icons next to the sort-by bar to modify your current search, search within results, toggle all matching text pages, or turn off infinite scroll.

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search link located beneath the main search bar functions much like the Advanced Search option in other databases, allowing users to search particular fields within the metadata for more precise results. Use the drop-down option to select the metadata which you'd like to search, then enter relevant keywords into the text boxes provided. Searchable metadata includes: text; title; record number; document type; agency; originator; document date; and NARA release date. 

Then, refine the search to a specific document type (all titles, just the JFK assassination records, or just other related works). Limit the search to a specific date range, if desired.

Venn Diagram Search

Users can now visualize the results yield of various keywords to better refine their searches.

To use the Venn Diagram feature in the John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection, select the Advanced Search hyperlink to find the Venn Diagram Search within.

Users will be redirected to a search bar, instructions for its use, and example searches. Enter a search for multiple terms separated with the Boolean operators "AND." A Venn Diagram will appear, illustrating the various combinations of those terms and their respective results yield throughout the databaseThe original search combining all terms will appear by default, visually represented by the red intersection of all circles. 

View a sample Venn Diagram Search for the terms oswald AND conspiracy AND gunshot below.