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Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP)

The Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) is the preeminent multilingual index to articles and book reviews appearing in nearly 600 legal journals published worldwide.


Searching the Index

Search IFLP by various access points, including keyword, author, article title, journal title, publication year, subject/country heading, country of publication, the language of the article or review, book review, reviewer, ISSN, and ISBN. Users can narrow down to a specific date range and can also choose if they are specifically looking for types of publications: articles, reviews, or collection articles. Users can also select to only see results for periodicals that are included in HeinOnline. 



About Venn Diagram Search

HeinOnline's new Venn Diagram Search offers a visual representation of how search terms interact with each other to help users both refine their current search terms and become better researchers going forward. 

Searches are constructed by stringing together multiple terms separated by the Boolean operator "AND," with phrases grouped together in quotation marks. Let's search for family AND "comparative law". Our search will bring up more than 400 results in the diagram.

The results displayed on the right side of the page pertain to the search as we originally constructed it (represented by the red slice in the center of the intersecting circles). If we're interested in the results in the other circles, select Clear for the ability to hover over the different segments of the diagram. Once Clear is clicked, the results will vanish from the right side of the page. Now as users hover over the diagram they will see all possible search term combinations from our original query. Click one of these highlighted circles or intersections to explore their results. For example, click comparative law to see results for only that phase.

Similar to other search results in HeinOnline, you can sort the results for relevance, date, or title. Icons to the right of the results allow you to download a PDF of the section, print, email a PDF link to a friend/college, or bookmark the item in your MyHein account.