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History of Capital Punishment

This resource provides a comprehensive overview of the history of death penalty legislation and includes the Eugene G. Wanger and Marilyn M. Wanger Death Penalty Collection: A Descriptive Bibliography.

About the Database

History of Capital Punishment in HeinOnline

This fully-searchable, easy-to-use resource is packed with information on capital punishment and includes both a PDF and a database version of the Wanger bibliographic index, with access to nearly 650 full-text out-of-copyright works indexed in Wanger’s collection. Other death penalty-related publications include more than 150 trials, 300 books, and nearly 20 periodicals, as well as relevant scholarly articles, an additional bibliography, and external links to further the researcher’s exploration of this topic.

Mr. Wanger’s work, combined with the additional content included in History of Capital Punishment in HeinOnline, provides an extensive and well-organized platform for research on capital punishment and related issues.

















In addition to the database based on Wanger's Death Penalty Collection: A Descriptive Bibliography, the online resource contains:

  • An A-Z list of all available full-text titles
  • Periodicals on the topic of the death penalty
  • Trials and congressional hearings related to capital punishment
  • Additional bibliographic references
  • Scholarly articles about this topic
  • Links to relevant external resources