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Federal Register Library

The Federal Register is the official journal of the federal government of the United States. The database is updated daily and its coverage is comprehensive, beginning from inception in 1936.



The one-box search bar at the top of the collection homepage will search across the full text, author, title, citation, and catalog of all material of all titles contained in the database. See examples below for how to search by agency or topic, how to search for a specific release number, and searching for a Federal Register Document Number.

  1. Search for an agency or topic: "Department of Education" AND "No Child Left Behind Act of 2002" and select the Just search for option. 35 results have been found. Users will then be able to further narrow results with the Refine Your Search by Date, Agency, Action, Location, Person, and/or Organization found on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Search for a specific release number: "Release No: 34-54919"
  3. Search for a Federal Register Document Number (FR Doc. #): "FR Doc. E6-21480"

Advanced Searching

The Advanced Search link allows users to:

  1. Search up to six search fields, including Full Text, Section Title, Section Description, Volume Title, and Date. Quotation marks should be used around phrases for more on-point search results.
  2. Select specific titles to limit search results.
  3. Select specific date ranges to limit search results
  4. Click the Search Help link, located beneath the search bar, for a list of commonly used search syntax and examples.

Citation Navigator

Use the Federal Register library's citation navigator tool to quickly retrieve a document. Simply select the desired volume from the drop-down menu and enter the page number in the provided data box, then click Get Citation.

Additionally users may select the Citation tab, then click the Citation Navigator link, located beneath the main search bar. Here, users may use the same citation navigator or retrieve a specific Federal Register issue by date.

Federal Register and its Indexes

Click Federal Register or Federal Register Indexes to open reverse chronological listings of all volumes. Click on any volume to access Federal Register issues, which are listed in date order and provide page ranges and dates for each issue, or to access the contents of any Index volume.

Federal Register:

Federal Register Indexes:

CFR Sections Affected Locator

This tool will locate Federal Register issues in which a specific CFR section has been affected.

For example: Select Title 24 and enter Part 200.

A list of rules containing Federal Register date and page information will be generated.

Note: This tool is only available for Federal Register issues from 2015-date.